Crystals, Minerals, Wire-Wrapped Jewelry

Treat your soul!


Wire-Wrapped Crystal Healing Jewelry

I work with wire and crystals to create hand wire-wrapped jewelry that is infused with Reiki energy and made with intent and love.  Each piece is handcrafted with authentic crystals in rough or polished form.  As an Artisan, I believe crystals can be an extension of our inner feelings and an extension of our inner being.  Every creation is unique just as each crystal is unique and every individual is unique.  The choice of wire, design, and accent colours are inspired by and chosen to enhance the beauty, personality, and individuality of the focal crystal. My purpose is for my designs to inspire others' to appreciate the beauty found in the earth while simultaneously receiving the healing energy imbued by the crystal.


Tumbled, Cut, Natural Crystals-Minerals

Crystals can help us express feelings with more clarity, acknowledge buried emotions, release emotional and energy blockages, and work with our chakras to balance energy. Choose from a wide variety of tumbled, cut, and natural crystals and minerals.


Cabochons & Cut Crystals for Healing & Wrapping

Choose from a wide selection of cabochons to create your own wire-wrapped jewelry or for use in crystal healing grid layouts.