10 Minute Tarot Reading

10 Minute Tarot Reading


This tarot reading is perfect if you are looking for quick insight and clarity regarding a situation or you are moving into a new cycle in career or love. You will receive an approximately 10 to 15 minute video tarot reading. Orders are processed once payment is received and readings are fulfilled within 1 to 2 days and then emailed to you. Once payment has been received, you will receive an email requesting the area and question you would like the reading to focus on.  Add additional questions as I will answer as many questions as I can fit into the time frame so please number questions in order of importance to you. You may also request a general, overall reading or a general reading that focuses on a specific theme such as love, career, or health.

  • Disclaimer

    By investing in an energy healing or tarot reading by The Crystal Vein, you recognize that Heather at The Crystal Vein does not present herself nor claim to be a medical doctor or psychologist in any way. 

    ​By law, I am required to state that my tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and if you need to ask about pregnancy, health or legal matters, I advise you to consult a trained professional in their field. Tarot gives advice, but it is up to you on how you process the information. You agree that you have free will and thus ultimately make your own decisions and hold Heather at The Crystal Vein in no way accountable for the opinions she expresses in this entertaining and educational consultation, reading, or any of her videos. Her consultations, readings and guidance are meant to inspire imagination, creativity and intuition. All Sales are Final.