Manifest with the New Moon

The New Moon is a time when the masculine (yang) energy of the sun merges with the feminine (yin) energy of the moon. During a New Moon, these two heavenly bodies conjoin in the sky (align at the same degree astrologically), creating an opportunity that energetically supports the initiation of creating positive change in an area(s) of our lives. If you have a project, idea, interest, or new direction you have wanted to explore, the New Moon represents a fertile time to plant your seeds of desire and to breathe new life into any area of your life/routines where you have felt stagnant and uninspired.

Whether you want to improve your health, career, relationships, or simply learn something new, aligning with the energy of the New Moon (#newmoon) and working with natural forces to clarify and refine what you want to attract into your life allows you to live more in sync with your natural environment. There are as many New Moon rituals (#newmoonrituals) for manifesting as there are individuals. If you are interested in working with Moon energy to manifest your desires, google 'New Moon Manifestation Rituals', review the variety of suggestions, and find the ritual that resonates with you or find the one that most resonates with you and tweak it to make it your own. Let your intuition and your Higher Self guide you to what will work best for you!

No matter which ritual you choose, creating a sacred SPACE where you will not be interrupted, getting comfortable and CLEARING your mind, clearly setting your INTENTIONS and desires, FEELING as if what you want to attract is already in your life, expressing GRATITUDE for what you have attracted, and TRUSTING the Universe, are all key components to #manifestation and the #lawofattraction.