Healing Crystal Reiki Jewelry

Each piece is handcrafted wire-wrapped authentic crystal in rough or polished form, attuned with Reiki and made with intent and love. Reiki is a safe and loving form of energy healing using life force energy and crystals have been used my many cultures around the world for energy healing, protection, balance energy centres (Chakras), and connect with spirit and ancestors. Crystals may represent an extension of our inner feelings and our inner being. Each pendant is unique just as each individual is unique.  The choice of wire, design, and accent colours are inspired by and chosen to enhance the beauty, personality, and individuality of the focal crystal. My intent is to inspire others' to appreciate the beauty found within themselves and the earth while simultaneously receiving the healing energy.

Selecting Your Healing Crystal Reiki Jewelry

  • Select which piece you are drawn to (style, colour, shape).

  • Select the spiritual healing properties of the crystal.

  • Select the energy centre (Chakra) you would like to balance.


1st Chakra - Root

Relates to physical will of being, connects you to the physical world and transfers cosmic energies into the physical levels.
When balanced, you live in harmony with earthly forces, have energy for creative self-expression and find material security.
When unbalanced, you may lack physical stamina, have substance addictions, or focus on attaining your desires without concern of consequences. You may experience emotional extremes: anger, rage, fear, worry.


2nd Chakra - Sacral

Creative reproduction of being and the centre of primordial emotions, sexual energies and creativity.
When balanced, you feel openness towards others, flow of creative life energy through the body, soul, and mind. You approach life with enthusiasm and deep joy for creation and life.
When unbalanced, you may suppress our feelings and sexuality. You may lack self-esteem, experience emotional paralysis and/or sexual coldness.
Relates to the pelvis, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder.


3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus

Power centre - foundation of your personality. When balanced you absorb solar energy that nurtures your ethereal body. You have a feeling of peace & inner harmony with yourself. You see abundance everywhere & attract it into your life.
When unbalanced, you try to control/manipulate everything in your inner/outer world. You see obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.
Relates to lower back, abdomen, digestive system, stomach, liver, gall badder, spleen, autonomic nervous system.


4th Chakra - Heart

Centre of Chakra system -connects the lower physical/emotional with the higher mental/spiritual centres. When balanced you empathize, have an open heart & achieve union through love. You are warm, sincere, happy, inspire confidence, & create joy.
When unbalanced, you may be cold, indifferent, fear rejection, embarrassed expressing emotions, feel out of balance & suffer from depression.
Relates to the heart, upper back, thorax, lower lungs, blood & circulatory system, skin, & strengthens immunity.


5th Chakra - Throat

Centre of expression, communication & inspiration. Bridge between thoughts and feelings. When balanced, you express thoughts & feelings without fear, you show your strength and weaknesses.
When unbalanced, you are unable to express yourself, you may be shy, quite, withdrawn & only talk about trivialities.
Relates to neck, throat, jaw, ears, voice, trachea, bronchial tubes, upper lungs, esophagus, arms, growth of skeleton, inner organs & metabolism.


6th Chakra - Third Eye

Knowledge of being. When balanced you are intuitive and have direct inner awareness of reality, perceiving the world in a new way. When unbalanced, you over-emphasize intellect and may become intellectually arrogant, you may be dominated by material desires, unreflected emotions, and unable to resolve emotional patterns.
Relates to face, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, central nervous system, cerebellum, and function of other glands.


7th Chakra - Crown

Purest being. Awakening and sense of Self as being part of the omnipresent  pure Being contained in all matter. Here you realize that matter is nothing but a form of thought in the Divine Consciousness. This Chakra is never blocked, rather it can only be developed to a greater or lesser extent.
Related to the cerebrum and the pineal body. Dysfunction of this gland results in premature sexual maturity.