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My name is Heather and when it comes to Tarot, I specialize in money and career readings, but most times there is more to it than that, as what you do and your relationships play an important factor in how you identify yourself in the world and the choices you make, but it is up to you to figure that out!

You can find me on YouTube and sometimes on Instagram and Twitter.

I am a Capricorn Sun but so close to the cups I have one foot in Aquarius!, Sagittarius Moon, Aquarius Venus and a Gemini Rising. Earth and air dominate my chart and yes at time my life feels like a sandstorm!

How did I get into reading tarot:

Well, I was given my first deck over 15 years ago and I would 'play' with the cards picking 1 a day. I was interested in them enough that I decided to schedule a personal reading from a reputable reader. The reading was good...... sort of. Half of the reading fit and the other half not so much. During that reading I observed how good I was at noticing what 'fit' for me and what didn't and I even found my interpretations of the cards were more 'open'. The cards that didn't 'fit' were interpreted from a 'love' perspective, yet my interpretation of the emotional cards from a money and career perspective totally resonated for me.

After that, I decided to sign up to a basic tarot class. My idea was to 'do readings for myself' - 🤣😂😜 - hindsight is a beautiful thing. It is rather difficult reading for yourself!! As much as I enjoyed reading the cards, I never set out to read tarot for money, I was looking at it as a hobby and to strengthen my intuition.

Fast forward several years later and I began watching YouTube videos. I continued watching other readings, longing to do my own readings and then one day I just started recording. A couple of days later I started posting for all signs. I look at this as a hobby, it helps me grow and evolve, and it is crazy fun!

I decided to share this with you because I wanted you to know that I've been exactly in your shoes - watching recordings, starting out not knowing much about tarot, to learning a little and taking it much too seriously, and then learning to 'flow' with it. No matter how much a reading resonates, time and energy are fluid; constantly changing, evolving, sometimes while you're watching a reading, or perhaps it already happened, or it is something to come - and then suddenly.... enter FREE WILL! What?!?! That's just crazy! Well, not really, you always have a choice, you always have free will. As long as we don't forget that tarot is not therapy, will not solve our problems for us, and we don't place all of our faith and hopes into a reading, then it is easier to understand how the cards can be a TOOL to help you connect to that part of you that already has the answers and the best advice for you! And above all else, it's just fun!

I am also a Certified Crystal Energy Healer and Certified Reiki Master - Teacher, which I like to send out to my family, friends, animals, and even you - check out the Reiki Playlist on my YouTube channel! I am also an Artisan, using energy balancing and healing crystals to make beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry that you can buy for yourself or for someone you love.

Tarot can be used to help you connect with your Higher Self. Tarot cards can act as a guide to help you make a decision for yourself when you are entering a new phase of life such as career, relationships, and spirituality. Benefits of a tarot reading include:

Clarity - providing a new perspective and helping you to trust your intuition;

Self-discovery/improvement - helping you identify aspects of your life you may be neglecting and encouraging you to nurture that aspect of yourself;

Peace - helping you overcome feelings of anxiety or worry by encouraging you to focus on the positives;

Decision making - providing you with new insight to make a decision by trusting in yourself; and,

Transformation - inspiring you to take the actionable; nurture relationships - encourage you to create and nurture harmonious relationships and appreciate differences.

Reiki and Crystal Healing 

Reiki, a safe, gentle, non-invasive form of touch therapy that can produce deep relaxation and feeling of well-being to create aloving space which allows you to open and explore yourself and the flow of balancing energy through your being to promote wellness and support healing. I also offer Crystal Energy Healing. Crystals can help us express feelings with more clarity, acknowledge buried emotions, release emotional and energy blockages, and work with our chakras to balance energy.

Healing Crystals and Wire-Wrapped Healing Crystal Jewelry

I work with wire and crystals to create hand wire-wrapped jewelry that is infused with Reiki energy and made with intent and love.  Each piece is handcrafted with authentic crystals in rough or polished form.  As an Artisan, I believe crystals can be an extension of our inner feelings and an extension of our inner being.  Every creation is unique just as each crystal is unique and every individual is unique.  The choice of wire, design, and accent colours are inspired by and chosen to enhance the beauty, personality, and individuality of the focal crystal. My purpose is for my designs to inspire others' to appreciate the beauty found in the earth while simultaneously receiving the healing energy imbued by the crystal.

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Heather's Certifications, Techniques and Experience include:

Certified Reiki Master Energy Healer (Usui Method)

Certified Crystal Energy Healer (Levels I-V)

Spiritual Growth Practitioner & Energy Intuitive

Tarot & Angel Card Reader

Diploma in Business Administration
Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree - Anthropology & Archaeology

Bachelor of Education Degree

Master of Arts Degree - Psychology, Anthropology & Disability Studies